How it works

How it works?

WhatsApp developers doesn't have any security or encryption set gone sending  and receiving messages, they are travelling in plain text and because of that whatsapp sniffer can sniff the conversation easily.

Whatsapp Sniffer is a tool that roots terminals to right of entry whatsapp conversation of any network operater. It captures the converasations, pictures, videos and coordinates that are sent or traditional by any smartphone vis--vis speaking the same network.

This sniffer is designed to case that the security of Whatsapp network and communications is null. Whatsapp Sniffer use the TCPDump tool which reads all the network packets and filters completely those which are on the destination Whatsapp server. All messages are in seek text, hence it does not decrypt any statement, thoroughly definite terms of whatsapp ("While we obtain not disallow the use of whatsapp sniffers such as ethereal, TCPDump or Httpwatch in general.")

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