FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I spy any number?
    - Yes, you can spy any number from the region.
  • Can I use WhatsApp Sniffer on my smartphone?
    - Soon will be a smartphone version of WhatsApp Sniffer in APK format.
  • When I download WhatsApp Sniffer my antivirus says it is not safe and removes it, is this a virus and what can I do?
    - WhatsApp Sniffer is totally safe and 100% virus free. Some antivirus softwares detects it as not safe because this tool creates servers to WhatsApp network, sniffs the whole network searching for usefull data, so that it can give you full access to the other WhatsApp. If you can't start the software because of yout antivirus you will need to disable it during the time you use the sniffer. Here is a online VIRUS SCAN of WhatsApp Sniffer.
  • How can I update WhatsApp Sniffer?
    - The update is automatic, as soon a new update is available the software will inform you to update.
  • Does WhatsApp Sniffer works every time?
    - For now it has a 96% success rate, our team works daily to improve the software for best results. 

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