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High quality
Spent hours and hours tests to archive the best results.
Apps Module
WhatsApp Sniffer available for smartphone so you can spy on the go.
No Installation
No installation needed, just download whatsApp sniffer and start the software.
User Friendly
Extremely easy to use, created so that anyone can use it.
Exporting Conversations
Chat conversation in plain text (txt, pdf, xcl) no need to convert.
Supports All Countries
WhatsApp Sniffer has international connections.

About WhatsApp Sniffer

Do you want to spy others on whatsapp?

Do you want to know what your girlfriend/boyfriend thinks about you, does he/she cheats on you? Are you friends really your friends, what they say about you. Or do you want to spy just because of curiosity? If yes this is the right tool for you!

WhatsApp Sniffer Is a tool which roots terminal talks whatsapp reading via smartphone network. This tool is created by a high educated proffesional team on wifi, linux , windows  and android pentest. They test daily new software for some glitches, exploits, trying to hack any software until they are convinced that the software is 100% safe. When they find the issue it gets fixed immediately. So that's how they made this software and it is still working because whatsapp didn't fixed the issue. This tool is free so that whatsapp fixes the issue.With this sniffer you can capture conversations, photos, videos, see received and sent messages, change profile status, change profile picture, chat with the victims and more... The tool uses a grabber whatsapp sniffer or sniffer called tcdump packages that handles all network packets and filters the source and destinations server from whatsapp. The messages you receive have a automatic filter build in so the message  are in plain text,  you don't need to decrypting so what are you waiting, download WhatsApp sniffer!

WhatsApp Sniffer v3.3

This new version captures chatlog from any whatsapp application. It spoofs the MAC address. Every device has a unique mac address so whatsapp use this to verify that there are not used whatsapp on 2 different devices, by spoofing the mac address it is possible to see the whatsapp activity. This tool does this with a few different methods.

ntwsnarf - by using this method the whatsapp app must be open and then it injects the network and you can see the chatlog.

snarf sms - sends the victim a sms with the a default message, phone number and a link, so when the link is clicked it injects the whatsapp app.

snarf call - same like snarf sms but it calls the victim from a random phone number and when the user answers it injects whatapp app.

wifisnarf - if the user is on the same network like you it will spoof the network and capture all chatlogs.

How to use WhatsApp Sniffer

1. Enter the phone number with the country code or IP
2. Choose the what method to use. (ntwsnarf recommended)
3. Click Spoof and wait to get the chatlog.

How to protect yourself from WhatsApp Sniffer?

If you suspect, that someone is hacking your WhatsApp then go through all the install apps. If you find something suspicious, uninstall it. Try anti virus if you want. Check apps permission using x-privacy. And never give your device to someone whom you don’t trust.WhatsApp’s developers are no fool. They have spent significant part of their life making and testing this application. And even if there is slightest probability of error, it’s get rectified asap. Imagine there is tutorial to hack WhatsApp, and developers are not even aware of it. Be careful to which wi-fi network you connect. If you connect to the same network from the hacker you could get in trouble so don't connect to malicious wi-fi.

Lerry NIMISH, COO, Tester
This software is so powerful and easy to use ! I can't believe it worked, Thank you very very much.

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